We want to be a management model school to achieve the highest Standard in measurements of quality to assure the succes of our loving trasures, the students, as much in the higher education as in the challenges that life has in store for them, Under the stamp “Per Laborem da Lucem” (By effort to the ligth).


To provide a national education and an international program of excellence that supported by the mining companies, aims to form complete persons, emphasizing all the areas of human development. Placing special emphasis on the value system, cognitive and physical aims and promoting the teaching of English, in order to allow students to face successfully all the challenges of the future, inspired by a Humanist-Christian education, under the stamp “Per Laborem da Lucem” (By effort to the light).


  1. To provide with the family, a complete education of continuous development and improvement, within the framework of ethical values inspired by the life of Saint Lawrence.

  2. Obtain excellence founded on the ability of its professionals, through a Scientific-Humanist curriculum and a program of professional development.

  3. Provide teaching excellence from Pre-Kinder to IV senior year in parallel-mixed grades, with a reduced number of students, in order to advance the teaching of English.

  4. Favour the productive use of free time, through extracurricular activities that stimulate personal achievement and reinforce the physical, artistic, social and cultural development of the students.

  5. Offer a program of International Education for foreigners and promote student exchange, especially with countries of English speakers.



  1. We believe in a Humanist-Christian Education, whose leading person, the student, is able to develop himself completely in all areas that promote good fellowship, fraternity in the community and peace.

  2. We consider the student as a singular person, able to learn, leading his own learning and engaged in personal growth and autonomy.

  3. We believe in a responsible educator engaged in the students’ education, therefore in continuous development.

  4. We believe in a curriculum model centered in the person and in the methodological principle of learning to learn, which stimulates and favours the total development of each student.

  5. We recognize the curriculum as a pedagogical tool in a permanent innovation that demands a continuous evaluation and permanent feedback.

  6. We believe in significant and meaningful learning, through innovative and proactive methodologies, to attend to individual differences.

  7. We recognize the family as the first educator, and main source of values and habits that, together with teachers, contributes to the complete development of children and youngsters.

  8. We believe in an educational community that, in its daily good-fellowship, assumes a respectful attitude and is consistent with very and to words and actions.

  9. We favour free and responsible expression, in a dialogue environment, with tolerance and rectitude in behaviour.

  10. We believe in human perfectibility and in the sustainable development of learning institutions.

  11. We recognize and promote the value-humanist formula as an essential part of the education and complete formation of the person.

  12. We promote a propitious environment so that our community may experience the solidarity, generosity and the spirit of service through fair and honest work.

Our Stamp

Meaning Our Stamp:

  1. Per Laborem ad Lucem: By effort to the ligth.

  2. Five Diamonds, represent: The students, our loving trasures. Our mining origin, five instituttional objectives.

  3. S y L : Saint Lawrence's tradition.

  4. Marble with the name, thet represents the whole San Lorencina family.

  5. Beam of light and Star,our ideals and dreams.